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Newly Renovated St. Francis Emergency Dept. reopens on north side of hospital at 4 am on Sept. 26

The $13 million renovated Emergency Department (ED) at CHI Health St. Francis reopens at 4 am on Tuesday, Sept. 26.

Returning to the north side of the hospital, the enlarged entry point for the newly renovated ED will remain open 24/7 and features a protective canopy. An enhanced waiting area with increased privacy and natural lighting leads visitors to the new 26-bed emergency room built larger to accommodate advanced technology, additional infection prevention features and added security.   

Those seeking walk-in emergency care should use the ED’s reopened entry point, ENTRANCE G, on the north side of St. Francis starting at 4 am on Tuesday, Sept. 26.

The hospital’s ambulance garage will also reopen for ambulance transports. The entry point for medical helicopter transports remains the same.

Built in 1970, the emergency department temporarily relocated to the east side of the hospital during  the planned 15-month construction. Utilizing space vacated when the hospital’s new Surgery opened, the temporary ED functioned as a fully-operational, 24/7, level III trauma and stroke center. 

Upon switchover, ENTRANCE D on the east side of the hospital will close to walk-in emergency care returning to the hospital’s Surgery entrance, only.

Directional signage will be posted to alert patients and visitors of the change.